21st November 2012


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If you’ll notice, the URL of the blog you’re reading right now, has changed. 

So Project Pixie Dust still has the same URL… but it needed to be moved. 

Reason being? This, my loves, is a side blog.   It seemed like the best option at the time. And it worked lovely! Until, that is, I needed to follow someone.  Or contact them.  Or participate in a promo for promo - or… well, really anything you can do to interact with your followers or supporters on Tumblr. 

So, I started it as its own blog, managing to keep the URL.   I refollowed all the blogs who are following this one, so that you’d all be able to find us, once this blog is deleted. 

Thanks for being so understanding! Please come follow us at the new blog! 


20th November 2012

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andileigh92 said: how did I not know about this?? this is BEAUTIFUL! I would love to help out :)

<3  I’m about to switch this from a side blog to a personal blog, Andrea. :) I’ll message you from there! <3  We’d love to have you help!  

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20th November 2012

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Hope everyone is doing well! 

Things are good over here -  been a little crazy lately - but things are finally calming down. :) 

Been sending out emails and information about Project Pixie Dust - hopefully I start getting responses soon. :) It’s looking more like it’ll be slow going until May, when we’ll actually be in Walt Disney World, and get some of the CM videos to post here.  

Ah well. It is what it is. :)  Just gotta keep working on it. 

Out of curiosity, are any of you planning on submitting a video? Either a personal message, or as a character?  Let us know! 


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13th October 2012

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An introduction, and a little bit of background. :) 

Forgive any blips or awkwardness! This is my first time doing a video blog - and first time using any video editing software! 


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12th October 2012

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scream and make me believe...: Possibly, maybe the most brilliant idea. Ever.(Disney oriented friends, input?) →


Or….just an idea. Nothing more, nothing less.:)

Remember Project Pixie Dust , that I told you all about?

Remember how I was/am trying to find a way to involve fur characters?

Remember how I was failing?!

Late night ideas are fabulous. So, here’s what I came up with.

Fur characters may not…

Idea for fur characters. What do we think?

11th October 2012


awgskarth said: for the video, are we only allowed one per person? because I'd like to do one as Snow White (since I have the costume) and as myself, since I'd like to do a video for friends of people with hydrocephalus as well.

You can do whatever you like, as long as they follow the guidelines. 

I didn’t expect people who don’t cosplay, or have some sort of career as a character actor to want to do one in costume, to be honest! I don’t know why… if I had a costume, I’d be all for it.   Guess my brain is short circuiting today! 

Just remember to stay in character when you do it - kids notice those things! 

Myself, I’m doing one for people with hydrocephalus, friends of people with it, parents of , and one for spouses. 

Not, that I’m super crazy on doing video blogs (Fun Fact- I have never done one. This will be a learning experience. :))  but, it’s something I feel strongly about - plus, it would be a good example on what you could say in each video. 

Plus, no one wants to be the first one, in anything. So, maybe it’ll help get things rolling. :) 

Email them to projectpixiedust@gmail.com . :) 

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8th October 2012

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Video Submission Guidelines

If you’re reading this, first and foremost, THANK YOU!  It means you’re considering becoming a part of Project Pixie Dust, and recording your own inspirational video message! For that, I can’t begin to thank you enough. This project would be nothing without people like you. 

First, a few general guidelines, then we’ll get into more specific guidelines. 

Here is a quick rundown of what hydrocephalus is.  If you have any questions concerning the condition - please ask. I’ve had it my entire life, and I host a support group for people with the condition. I’ll give you all the information I can. 

  • Videos can be as short or as long as you like. Probably shouldn’t be longer than ten minutes…  However, if you feel what you have to say is important - go ahead and make the video longer. I won’t stop you.
  • As tempting as it may be, do not focus on a cure. We want to inspire and spread pixie dust - not false hope.  Yes, a cure would be wonderful. But, it can be caused from so many different things… it’s highly unlikely that there will be one. Instead, lets focus on more awareness. Hoping for better treatments.  The fact that these children, they aren’t defined by their disability. Yes, it’s a part of them - but it’s not who they are. Make sense?
  • Videos should be emailed to projectpixiedust@gmail.com . Then, they’ll be uploaded to YouTube, and posted to our social media sites. (Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter.) 

"Character" Videos  (Cosplayer, Character Actors, Party Princesses, etc!) 

  • Videos must be “in character” . IE: If your character is Batman, he obviously wouldn’t be super cheery. Very dry, serious, with some hidden sentiment.  Someone more like, oh, Sailor Moon, would be super bouncy, excitable…. and probably pre-occupied with food, or Tuxedo Mask. If you cosplay as a villian, like the Joker, or someone like that — this could be more tricky, but embrace it! Have fun with it!  
  • If you can, relate your video to your character. Maybe the character has a struggle you can relate to a disability. Maybe they agonize over being different, or misunderstood. 
  • If you have ANY questions, especially ones concerning the condition - please, contact me. No question is too silly, or too dumb. I promise. 
  • If you want, include any information you want included in the video description.  Your cosplay website, if you’re a party princess, your public website, contact information- whatever.  Since I can’t pay you for your contribution — if you are someone who does acting jobs/parties/etc, I can put whatever contact information you like on these videos, and on a links page here on Tumblr. 
Remember- we want these videos to be believable. You wouldn’t believe how perceptive kids can be. And, how picky an older comic book fan could be.  Keep as accurately as you can to the personality of your character. It might seem silly - but really, it’s the heart of this entire project. :) If you need any help or suggestions- all you need to do is ask, I’ll be happy to help! 

"Out of Character" Videos  (Anyone simply wishing to extend an inspirational message!)

  • Videos can be in one of the following categories: To someone with hydrocephalus, To the parents and/or siblings of someone with hydrocephalus. To the friends of someone with hydrocephalus.  The friends and family of someone with the condition can be affected just as adversely as the person who has it.  They don’t have the condition - so it can be hard to understand and relate. They need our support and pixie dust too! 
  • Don’t feel bad if you get emotional, be it either happy or sad. This just shows people watching that you truly do care about them, or their condition.  Resist the urge to delete and rerecord!  
  • Don’t fret if your videos aren’t perfect. Or amazingly edited.  I’ll tell you right now - mine won’t be perfect. I may stammer or stutter.  And I won’t have beautifully edited videos. It’s all about the heart, and the thought behind it. Nothing needs to be perfect. 
  • If you want any of your contact information added to your video, or your name or website, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll leave it blank. :) 
Any other questions? Email us at projectpixiedust@gmail.com, I’ll do my best to help! 

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8th October 2012


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Justin Bieber Angela Lansbury (who voiced Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast) Daniel Radcliffe Emma Watson Rupert Grint…

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That guy who wrote absolutely true diaries of a part time Indian

Demi Lovato

Taylor Swift

Fantastic ideas! Some of them, I might have to wait until we get the ball rolling and have some videos under our belt, and get established.  We’re likely to get a better response that way. ^_^ 

Thank you!

8th October 2012

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'Like' Project Pixie Dust on Facebook →


Set a Facebook page up for PPD today— our Disney trip is still a long way away, but getting things set up, is exciting!

The sites a bit bare at the moment— but join us, and help change that!

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5th October 2012

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Party Princess? Character Performer?

Are you, or do you know a character performer of any type who would want to be involved, and do a video for Project Pixie Dust?

Contact us here, or via email, projectpixiedust@gmail.com!!

Reblog, spread the word!

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